Wednesday, December 2, 2009

did I say bored??

That didn't last very long!  Sunday night was a rough night of not much sleep with so many loud snorers in the room (about 40 guys in here), and up at 0500 for 0530 formation.  First day was some check in processing, and issue of a couple more bags of gear.  Last night (my 2nd night) I slept a little better, only because I had my iPod cranked up loud enough in earphones to drown out the snoring.  I'm starting with that plan right away tonight, before the snoring even starts (I'd better hurry, one of the loud guys is already going to sleep).
Another early start tomorrow, and I need some sleep, so that's all for now... stay tuned!

At least I was able to swap out my boots yesterday for some that fit!!

Crap, the snoring already started...

Oh, and to answer one question... yes, as many may know, it's common for O-5's (and junior) to have private "rooms" in Iraq, I should have one of those when I get there.  But as a few of us were discussing over dinner tonight, I believe that a lot of the "hardship" here is purposefully exaggerated, to put you through a stressful situation (in a controlled environment) to prepare you for whatever possible stressful situation awaits you in theater.  That might be one reason they call it immersion training. 

Sunrise this morning:

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