Sunday, December 6, 2009

We're gonna fire a lot of rounds while here...

We spent a few days this week qualifying on the M-16 and 9mm pistol.  It's a pain to wear all the gear, but pretty good training.  (I really feel for, and have a LOT of respect for, the kids that actually go to battle in all this gear.) 
We'll spend a lot of time on the ranges over the next two weeks, and will have some classroom instruction too on various topics. 
I usually don't have much time each day to jump on the computer, but if you use Skype, try to give me a ring sometime - "Bultar2020".  And once I get over to Iraq, I'd really appreciate an occasional call.  We do have a little time off this weekend, so I get to relax a bit.
Stay tuned for more!


  1. You look like The Borg. Just sayin. -Huey

  2. This is my rifle and this is my gun...

    Now why are the elbow pads worn on the forearm?