Tuesday, October 13, 2009

a trip to San Diego before I go?

So, with the change to my orders (I don't have to report to China Lake until Jan, instead of mid-Dec), I won't be making a visit to San Diego mid-December like I planned...   It's great that I get to spend the holidays at home before I head out to Iraq, but I would still like to visit friends in San Diego before I go.  We're trying to figure out if we can make a trip to SD over New Year's Eve, and that weekend - and we're looking for ideas and input on making a trip out then... any thoughts?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

a new plan...

Time is flying by, but there's a new plan... I finally found out what my schedule is supposed to be (well, at least some of the details).  I still report to the NOSC in Norfolk to start my mobilization on Nov 20th, but after I finish my "Army" training in South Carolina I don't go right over to Iraq.  Instead, I'll report back to the NOSC for 2-3 weeks (over the holidays, and I can take some leave), then to China Lake early January, and to Iraq a couple of days later.  So I get so spend Christmas and New Year's at home!