Monday, June 21, 2010

I'm still here!

I know it's been a LONG time since I posted anything here... sorry!  What can I say, I've been pretty busy, I've been just keeping up with folks on Facebook, and there was a period there when I was kinda in a rut. 
I did just post some new pics to my Picasa site (, and I'll just have to get better about updating this. 

The big news is that I just got back from a couple of weeks or R&R!  I got to go home for 15 days of leave - that was a fantastic break!  Hopefully that is about the halfway point in my tour.  When I returned to the base a couple of days ago, it was about 15 degrees hotter, and the water level in the lake around the palace was about a foot lower.  And it's just going to get hotter in the next couple of months.  If I can make it through these next two months, I'll be home free! 
It's really too hot to run during the day now (about 115, and going up to mid 120's probably), so I'm going to have to run right at dawn when it's coolest.  Of course I use that term loosely - "coolest" means about 90.  But I ran around sunrise this morning and it was really pretty comfortable. 

I will probably be traveling around the theater quite a bit more during the rest of my time out here, checking up on my guys I have working at different sites.  So that should help the time go by quicker too. 

I'd better get in to work, but I'll write more soon! 
Skype me sometime if you can!