Wednesday, December 23, 2009

NArmy Training is done... enjoying a little time at home!

The last week or so of N-Army training at McCrady really flew by, it was over before we knew it, and all the whining and complaining (much of it was absolutely well-deserved) came to an end in a flurry of uniforms and equipment crammed into over-stuffed seabags... (I have some pics of all the packing the last night there, but they don't do it justice!)
In a nutshell I'd describe the 3 weeks at McCrady as some really good/valuable training wrapped up in a "hot mess" that is poorly managed by two competing organizations.  The overall experience for the training audience could be much better.  I tried to give some constructive feedback/critique, and I'll do more of that through the NOSC.

But for now... I'm at home!  Woo-hooo!  I get to be home for the holidays, before I fly out to Iraq.  I'm really lucky to have this schedule, and really feel for everyone else in my NIACT class that had to get on a plane for the desert the day after our last training day.  Good luck to everyone! 

I have a bunch of photos/videos to post, I'll upload a few at a time.
Merry Christmas!!

That's McCrady Training Center in my rear view mirror as I leave the base (and a bus full of guys going to the airport right behind me).

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