Friday, December 11, 2009

the end (of the first step) is in sight...

whew!  that was a fast few days!  It's Thursday night, tomorrow morning we get up at about 3:30am, to start the day with some low light M9 shooting before dawn, then a full day of shooting/training on M16 and other larger weapons.  The last few days have been mostly M-16 firing/qualifications, with a little humvee driving and training, and a few classroom lectures thrown in.  We should be done the middle of next week, and it certainly feels like we're close to the end. The time really has gone by fast - hopefully my time in Iraq will go by even faster and I'll be home before I know it! 
I haven't taken nearly as many pictures as I had hoped to take, but I'll make an effort to really get some pics the rest of the time.
A couple of pics, firing (not me) on the LOMAH range, and me at the range:

Well, really slow internet connection here, and I couldn't get a second photo to load...
Yikes, the helos are flying really low overhead tonight... shaking the barracks pretty good.
Stay tuned for more

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