Monday, November 30, 2009


Well, in case you haven't picked up on the recurring theme so far... there's a lot of "down time", otherwise known as white space in this whole process.  We got here to Ft Jackson, SC Saturday morning... only to find out that we really don't have anything to do until Sunday night (about an hour from now).  We're actually staying at McCrady Training Center, which is about 15 miles across the big wooded base from Ft Jackson.
Since I drove down here, I offered to take a few folks into town (Columbia) with me.  I got a room at the Hilton and we went out for dinner nearby.  It was nice to sleep in a nice comfy king size bed with real sheets and pillows!  And the shower this morning was great too!  Now starting tonight I'm in my little bunk bed rack that's barely as long as I am tall, and the showers are the pits.  I guess this is all part of the process of getting us used to the 1-star accommodations in Iraq...
I'm in a barracks with 40 racks, and there are supposed to be 38 of us in here.  There are 4 showers (things could get crazy in the mornings).  There's a dining facility about 100 yards away, and it sounds like most of the time we'll get up, eat, and get on a bus to go over to Ft Jackson proper for training, then back here for dinner, and back to sleep.  I here it's about a 30 min drive over to the other side. 
Time to go over and see what dinner looks like here, then we have our "welcome aboard" at 7pm.  Here are a few pics of what I've seen so far...  Stay tuned!

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  1. Ok, I'm a bit confused. You are supposed to be living like you would in Iraq. I talked with several officers that have come back. Both had their own room and bed and they were only O-3s and O-4s. So what gives?