Friday, November 20, 2009

it begins...

Well, I'm in Norfolk, just finished checking in at the NOSC (that's Navy Operations Support Center) to start my mobilization.  There were about a dozen other folks with similar dazed and confused looks on their faces also checking in today.  I talked with a few of them, they're headed to all sorts of places, and I feel kind of lucky that I'm going to Camp Victory to work on something that is at least related to what I usually do in the Navy Reserves. 
Today was another day (ok, half day) of kinda frustrating administrative requirements and waiting around for someone else to work on checklists, forms, etc.  (Maybe I just have a low tolerance level for this kind of bs... I think I'm really going to be tested over the next year!  ;)  We're done for the weekend  until reporting to NMPS (Navy Mobilization Processing Site) on Monday morning.  (Kinda funny, we show up to start active duty on a Friday, "work" for a few hours, then have the weekend off... why not just start on the Monday morning?) 
The weather is nice, I'll enjoy a nice weekend, and get back to the "processing" (medical, shots, uniforms, etc.) on Monday. 
If you use Skype, give me a ring sometime, "Bultar2020". 

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