Thursday, January 14, 2010

To the Bat Cave!

You'd probably never guess, but that 'adope teepee looking thing' is a bat cave... I don't have the full story yet, but aparantly there were bats around here, living somewhere that was somehow disturbed by the shooting/bombing, so we built this thing so they'd have a place to live. But I guess they didn't like it, and never moved in. Pretty strange.

The next shot is another look down one of the "lanes" between rows of Chus. The concrete blast protection is called "T-wall" (if you could turn one of the 12 foot high things upside down, it would look like a "T").
All of the Chus are surrounded by T-wall, each building, then the entire complex, it's quite a maze of concrete and gravel. The ground everywhere is covered in gravel - it's kinda difficult to walk around, but when it rains it's more than worth it, without the gravel it turns into a really nasty mud pit (I haven't seen that yet, but have heard stories).

The 3rd pic is taken from me sitting in my bed, looking across my room, at my new (used) tv! Big ol' blank wall with a little 13" tv sitting on a box on the floor - it's a far cry from my usual tv set up at home! I'm going to get more furniture, and spend the next few months pimping out my Chu. (the Taj-Ma-Tent comes to mind, for any of you that get that reference ;)

I just got back from my first run around the base, it was only 2-3 miles, but was nice to get out and start to see the place on foot.
Timed to get cleaned up, and hit the DFAC (Dining FACility) for dinner.
More later!

(if you have Skype, call me sometime! "Bultar2020")
(if you don't have it, it's great, give it a try!)

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  1. Super Bowl Party at Hindlick's Chus! (What the heck does Chus stand for?) Go Chargers. onon,drz

  2. BTW, you can check out HashBoy's Hovel on the Hashtrash Page of

  3. "Chu" stands for Compartmentalized Housing Unit. Kinda like a trailer, or mobile home looking building that is divided into 2 or 3 sections for your living quarters... I'll explain more in my next post.