Saturday, January 9, 2010

BOG counter starts tomorrow...

Well, I guess it will start day after tomorrow since it takes over a day to get there...  But we leave early in the morning on our flight to Kuwait and we'll get there the next evening (I'll have several hours layover at LAX and IAD on the way).  Oh, and BOG stands for "boots on ground", that starts my counter for days in theater. 
I first found out about my mobilization on Sep 3rd, a little over 4 months ago, and now I'm about to get started on the actual work of this deployment.  Those 4 months have gone by pretty fast, so the good news is that I imagine that the next 4, and 4 or 5 after that, will also go by pretty fast - so I'll be back home again before I know it!! 
I'd better get to sleep, it's an early go tomorrow morning...

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