Friday, September 11, 2009

what are those 7 steps?

I don't remember if it's 5, or 7, steps... but I kinda feel like I'm in "acceptance" now - after the initial shock. (Not that the steps of coping with grief really apply here!) Anywho...

Whew! Lots of info rolling in now... and lots to think about, and do to get ready. So the billet I'm going to fill is the OIC of a small detachment in Baghdad, at Camp Victory. It is a "Tactical Dissemination Module" job. The short description of that is that it's a way for ground forces to communicate with aircraft, to pass along call for fires, targeting information, etc. (you can find some info through online searches). And there's lots of info online about Camp Victory too - I'll hold off on posting anything about that until I have some first-hand experience! The folks I'll be working with are already talking about a possible change in my reporting date, so we'll see when I actually have to go (it might be later).
Well, I'm in Norfolk now, working on some C2F exercises that I already had on my schedule, so will be busy with that for next 2-3 weeks, but I'll add to this when I can. But once I get going with the MOB, I'll try to post often!

(Oh yeah, for friends in San Diego - I think I should have time for a quick visit before I go, but it depends on how/if my schedule changes. As is, I should be able to get to SD around 18-20 Dec...)

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