Monday, September 28, 2009

Stick Me Baby One More Time...

I'm still here in Norfolk supporting a couple of C2F exercises (part of my normal work with the Reserves)... and have been trying to get ahead on some of the preparation for my mobilization.  So, I've been taking care of some of the medical requirements - and let me just say this, I'm not an IV drug user, no matter how many needle holes you see in my arms...  Yikes!  drawing blood (missing the vein), shots for small pox, anthrax, hepatitis, Flu shot, PPD, TB (or was that TD?), Typhoid, and who knows what else.  You can't get all those at once (I guess it's bad to shoot more than one live virus into your body at a time).  So, I'll be back for more next month!
Meanwhile, I'm still finding out more about what I'll be doing, my schedule, etc.  Stay tuned for more!

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